Little boys

We knew it was looming, David and I. The day we would have to convert the twins’ cribs into toddler beds. We’ve been lucky thus far with only one incident. But today during their nap time I happened to glance at the video monitor and saw my little guy perched on the railing and posed to launch. 

Luckily David was quicker witted than I. While I could only stand there and gape at the monitor screen trying to form the words, he dashed into their room and caught our guy just in time. 

Our hero. 

So then we converted. Bye-bye cribs, hello toddler beds.

After a bit of rearranging…and anchoring…and battening down, I finally felt confident that our twin tots could safely bed down in their room sans nocturnal restraining devices. Oh Lordy. 

We braced ourselves for a long night. 

Lenora, my ever-spunky, dimpled delight (I just love this little girl) climbed right in her bed and was asleep, no joke, in five minutes. Angel. Where’s her wings?! She has em hidden. 

Beckett was a bit of a tough sell. It was a big change for such a little guy. I ended up having to lay on the floor next to his bed and hold his hand until he fell asleep. Every once in a while he would peek over the side to make sure I was still there. He melts me. 

So for about 45 minutes I was Indesposed, I prayed for him and my other kiddos and I thought about how one day he’s going to be a 6 foot linebacker like his daddy. One day he’s going to tower over me. One day he’s going to be a sweaty hairy guy mowing his lawn and lifting heavy things…and hopefully checking in on his little ole mama every once in a while. 

One day, my silly little bald boy is going to be a man. 

But right now, my silly little bald boy just needs his mama to hold his tiny hand in reassurance, as he makes one more baby step into big boyhood. 

I thank God for motherhood. Each milestone of this journey is an exciting gift, raising my daughters is just as special and important to me as raising my son. What an amazing calling God gave mothers. 

But what a humbling responsibility it is to raise up our sons to become men. Men who will lead their families and guard their wives. 

I hope to raise this little bald boy up to be just like his daddy. 



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