When stops the brain…

I don’t even know where I’m going with this post. Except that I just needed to write. So bear with me. Actually, I’ve needed to write for about two solid weeks now, but I’ve tamped it down in the name of priorities. What a foolish thing for a busy mind to do. 

You see, my season is rough. Rough like a whole new level of rough. 
Did I mention it was rough? 

My children, who are my biggest and most treasured blessings, are each going through their own little personality metamorphism. My Isabella, my freckled beauty, is finding herself and her little personality is blossoming. She’s actually turning into a really funny kid, but along with that has come independent thinking, and a penchent for the arguing. Not necessarily bad traits, and certainly characteristics that will serve her well one day out in the great big world…but at home it’s aided in the demise of my natural hair color. 

I’m going gray is what I’m sayin’

The twins.

Oh Lort. How I love them…but their inquisitiveness and curiosity about all things sticky is going to do me in. I wonder how many substance smears I’ve cleaned up this week?

Sorry I said the word smear.

Suffice it to say, I’ve not been Mary Poppins. In fact, by the time bedtime rolls around if someone were to break into my home I would pay them to steal my kids along with the valuables. 


I know other mamas have to be going through this with me. So let me tell you this. You’re not alone. 

Are you wiping an entire tube of toothpaste off of the foot of your bed? Hey, I did that yesterday. 

Did a chicken nugget get squished between your toes when you walked through the kitchen? Consider it an exotic foot teatment. 

Did you feed your kids Cheetos for breakfast? I bet they were happy the rest of the morning. They’ll be fine. I certainly wouldn’t know this from experience. Uh….err….what? 

You’re doing a great job mamas. 

I felt like a failure this week, I lost track of how many times I cried over my donuts and let the crumbs collect in the ole Cleavage Collector. It’s been tough, it seems someone’s always mad, sad, or crying. And always hungry. 

But my kiddos, and I’m willing to bet yours too, didn’t want my perfection, they just wanted me. Lenora asked me to “way down” with her…she counted my “sprinkles” (freckles) and sang her little songs to me until she fell asleep heavy in my arms. 

Beckett just wanted me to “sit down mama” with him. He likes me to be his human chair while he watches his program. Barney is serious business in case you didn’t know. 

And Isabella, well she just wants me to listen.  Third grade drama y’all…

I’m trying to remind myself of all these things. I will continue to remind myself of this. 

Yeah, I will forget in ten minutes when I go out to clean my living room. 

Thanks for listening…and now for your viewing pleasure…pictures of happy kids with utter chaos behind the lense. 



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