Greetings and salutations! 

Welcome to my new digs! I swore I wouldn’t do it. I told myself I wouldn’t create yet ANOTHER blog. But every time I proclaimed as much my self just stared back at me blankly, so here we are. My self has a habit of being a bit defiant. And a buzzkill. My self is kinda a buzzkill. 

Mom blogs are a dime a dozen, and as much as I’d like to think I’m so different and original…I know I’m just another weird mom blog. So as you can see, I got real creative with the name on this one. 

Life’s changing fast and I have a lot to say about things. I also need an outlet after spending my days at home wiping boogers off of things, feeding people, transporting miniature humans to their respective engagements and picking up the incessant balled up dirty socks off the floor. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing and nowhere else I’d rather be I might add, but it’d be great not to pounce on my husband the minute he walks in the door, with every menial thought that’s gone unshared throug my head that day. He will be so excited. We might even start talking about things that don’t involve Barney or Elmo! 

Let’s not get too carried away, self…

All you mamas hear me, you know where I’m at…